A Note to the Nominees

Congratulations to the publishers, authors, and illustrators of all the nominated books! We're doing our best to notify the publishers of all nominated books, but in some cases we are unable to find contact information, or our contact information is invalid. If you are a publisher, and would like to provide review copies but you haven't heard from us, please contact Sheila Ruth at sruth@wandsandworlds.com . Providing review copies is not required – if you can't send review copies, we'll do our best to find copies in the libraries and elsewhere – but review copies will help ensure that the panelists have access to the books.

If you are an author and would like to offer review copies if your publisher is unable to send them, please contact Sheila Ruth at sruth@wandsandworlds.com . Authors who are published by the "POD publishers" or "self-publishing companies" should be aware that many of them will not send review copies. As with publishers, review copies are not required for your book to be considered, but they help.

Thanks, and good luck to all nominees!

Sheila Ruth
Independent Publishing Liaison