A La Carte by Tanita S. Davis

Since 2006, Becky Laney has been blogging about middle grade and young adult books at Becky's Book Reviews, which has become a fixture of the kidlitosphere. A prolific blogger, Becky also has a blog devoted to books for the nine-and-under set, Young Readers, and Becky's Challenges, where she hosts a plethora of fabulous reading challenges ranging from books about food to books by Asian-American authors and many, many more. She is also part of our YA Fiction nominating panel.

Earlier this year, Becky reviewed one of the 2008 Cybils YA Fiction nominees, A La Carte by Tanita S. Davis. Tanita is already known in the kidlitosphere as a blogger at Finding Wonderland and Readers' Rants, and as a regular participant behind the scenes at the Cybils. This year, she joins us as a nominated author as well, with her debut novel joining the list of worthy nominees.

A La Carte is, on the surface, a book about a seventeen-year-old girl named Lainey who dreams of being the world's first African-American vegetarian TV chef. However, more than just a story about reaching for one's dreams, it's also a story about figuring out what one's dreams are in the first place…about coming of age, friendship, and family. Says Becky in her review:

It resonates in meaning-of-life internal drama. There's a richness to it that I can't quite explain.

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