Blatant Appeal For Money (Sorry)

Hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving and you're happily getting ready for the holidays, whichever holiday(s) you happen to celebrate.  We hope you'll remember us here at Cybils when you do your shopping.

Not that we need anything, of course.  But you can help Cybils get a small commission whenever you shop at Amazon and now at your favorite independent bookstore too. 

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Your online shopping is one of our most reliable money makers. And, of course, anything we raise goes toward a fabulous prize for our winning authors and illustrators.

Don't forget Amazon, either.  Clicking on this ad, or any of the links in our book reviews, will automatically insert our Affiliate ID for anything you buy.  So, as long as you were headed over there anyway, click through us. 

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Thanks for your support.

Anne Levy, Editor