REVIEW: Out of the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst

Nettle is the online handle of one of our Fantasy and Sci-Fi panelists, but she also identifies herself as "Hunter and Bagger of the Elusive Snark" on her blog, The Puck in the Midden. She posts excellent reviews there as well as at Cabinet des Fรฉes: A Fairy Tale Journal, which is where today's review is from. She's also associated with the wonderful Endicott Studio.

In her review, Nettle discusses both of Sarah Beth Durst's fantasy titles, Into the Wild (a 2007 Cybils Finalist) and Out of the Wild, which was nominated for this year's award in Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Durst's two-volume series follows the adventures of Julie Marchen, a fun, clever, likeable girl who just happens to be the daughter of Rapunzel–that's right, the one from the fairy tales. Fans of the first book will be pleased to hear that Julie's adventure isn't over, and that the sequel contains the same magical appeal:

Younger readers will find Into the Wild and Out of the Wild an excellent introduction to the complexities of fairy tales, and older readers will enjoy this fresh new take on some very old ideas.

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