More New Year’s Goals from the Cybils

Last week, we posted some inspiring resolutions for the upcoming year from a variety of Cybils folk–panelists and nominated authors alike. If you're still feeling stuck on your own list of 2009 goals, we've got a few more posts today from…well…let's call them writer-panelists. They're offering you their resolutions, thoughts, and inspiring words for the new year.

  • Firstly, Graphic Novels judging panelist Gail Gauthier has a few really meaty-sounding writing resolutions for 2009, including the 365 Story Project–here's to making a daily commitment to writing!
  • Poetry judge Gregory K. of GottaBook has written a hilarious poem all about New Year's Resolutions…and their tendency to be a bit breakable.
  • Middle Grade/YA Non-Fiction panelist Vivian Mahoney, also known as HipWriterMama, wrote an Inspiration Monday post all about keeping inspired in the face of feeling completely overwhelmed, and maintaining that feeling as we enter a new year.
  • Bruce Black of Wordswimmer, one of the Poetry nominating panelists, also offers some nuggets of inspiration gleaned from his interviews with writers throughout the year–"With luck," he says, "you'll find a beacon to help you keep swimming in the year ahead."

Thank you to all the Cybils panelists and authors who shared their wit and wisdom with us!

–Sarah Stevenson, Deputy Editor