The Amazing Gregory K.

Crap! I totally forgot to publicize Gotta Book's poetry blitz.  That was SO on my list of things to do for this month.  I'm such a bad virtual friend.  Actually, since I've met Gotta Book's Gregory K. in person, I'm a bad friend, period.  I hope he still loves us and comes back to judge again next year (gulp).

Here's the deal: for the entire month of April, that being this here month we're in right now, he's lined up a new poet every day.  It's called 30 Poets/30 Days and it ROCKS.  All are original compositions in honor of Nat'l Poetry Month.

Jack Prelutsky's already got a poem up.  Jane Yolen is promising one later in the month.  Where else can you see children's literary history being made?

What are you still doing here?  Get thee to Gotta Book!

–Anne the Editor