2009 Nominations
Easy Readers and Short Chapter Books

While nominations are open in all categories, we're also featuring a few genres at a time over the first few days — Eds.

When children learn to read, they start with very simple "easy readers" and move up to short books with chapters. 

readers are the small 6"x9" books with short simple sentences. Easy
readers have 8-64 pages, a large typeface with lots of white space on
the page, and are fully illustrated in color (like Frog and Toad by
Arnold Lobel.) 

Short chapter books are also 6"x9" but these books
have longer sentences, more text on each page, and a smaller typeface
with less white space. Short chapter books have 48-128 pages and the
interior art is usually black and white (like the Magic Tree House
books by Mary Pope Osborne.) 

For this double category we are looking for both
fiction and nonfiction books. An award will be given for an easy reader
and for a short chapter book.

–Anastasia Suen, category organizer

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