2009 Nominations
Graphic Novels

While nominations are open in all categories, we're also featuring a few genres at a time over the first few days — Eds.

The graphic novel is one of the most versatile categories of children's
literature, combining pictures and words to form a seamless flow of
story on almost any topic imaginable. Unlike standard 32-page picture
books, targeted largely to the under-12 set, graphic novels can expand
to fill hundreds of pages. They provide a unique twist on stories that
fit our other categories, whether YA or early chapter book, nonfiction
or fantasy.

The best graphic novels blend visual and literary
storytelling synergistically, which is to say that each half embroiders
on the story in ways the other cannot. The result is a fully-realized
and complex tale– something un-put-down-able and unforgettable. We're
looking forward to reading your choices for the best graphics of 2009!

–Liz Jones, category organizer

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