Far From You by Lisa Schroeder

Round I YA judge Tirzah Price is also known by her blog name, The Compulsive Reader. She's a seasoned Cybils veteran who posts literary news, updates, and reviews of YA books of all genres, interspersed with plenty of fun stuff like polls and contests. She is also part of the YA lit group blog Teen Tuesday.

FarFromYou Earlier this year, she reviewed Cybils YA nominee Far From You, a free-verse novel by Lisa Schroeder. The main character, Alice, has lost her mother to cancer and is having trouble moving on, even though her father apparently has. Events–and feelings–come to a head when she's trapped in a snowstorm with her stepmother and newborn sister Ivy. In Tirzah's review, she talks about the pacing of the story:

The plot moves quickly, and the poems are oftentimes quite short, but the beautiful thing about Far From You is that although it is not very long, it is brimming with emotion.

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