Reading and Shopping Are Both Fundamental

IMG00523-20100622-2228Why yes, this would be Carol Rasco of Reading is Fundamental with yours truly. I'm posting horribly late with this, but better late than never, as they say. (Hey, I was out of town for a while, okay?)

So, you're thinking, what are you two lovely bloggers and book lovers doing in what looks like a department store? In fact, it says, "Macy Woman" in the background.

Great question. Alas, we didn't just happen to run into each other while revamping our wardrobes, which would be very cool and quite the coincidence, considering we live in different time zones.

Carol was in Phoenix to launch the annual "Book a Brighter Future" campaign. a few weeks ago. Shop at Macy's all this month and agree to donate $3 at the checkout. Macy's will give you $10 off your purchase!

How simple is that? 

Last year, this very same campaign raised $6 million for RIF. That's an amazing amount of $3 contributions. Not to mention all that glorious shopping.

Carol kicked off the campaign in her lovely, super-sweet Arkansas drawl that could pretty much sell me on anything. Tar balls from the Gulf of Mexico? Serve 'em up, Carol! Just keep talking to me.

Fortunately, Macy's has much better taste than I do, and I feasted on yummy treats, and got to introduce a few more book lovers to Cybils. Yes, I overcame my horrendous shyness, got out from behind dress racks and talked about our fabulous contest. And now I'm going shopping. Win all around.

Here's the full announcement at this link.