Pardon our dust

Ah, we ordered this fancy new blog header and the delivery guy comes and installs it and it doesn't fit in the space! We ordered the wrong size, so we're sending it back and getting a new one. It was either that, or move to a larger blog in a nicer neighborhood, preferably one with a pool.

Of course, once the new header's ready, we'll probably have to redecorate the whole blog. The color scheme just needs a little something, don't you think? Maybe granite countertops.

Do bear with us. A new Cybils season will be upon us a little late, but very soon. Promise.

–Anne Levy, Decorator-in-Chief

UPDATE: There, much better. Many thanks to Sarah, our editor and designer, for the new look. I'll be updating font colors throughout the week as I play with them (ooh, colors! Pretty!).