Cybils 2010 Bling for Your Blog

We're back! And we're all very excited about this year's awards–the books…the bloggers…the fame and fortune…oh, wait. Maybe we do it for the love. And, okay, getting to read a ton of awesome books is a great side benefit. Whatever your reason for loving the Cybils, we want YOU to help us by showing your love.

That's right, we've got Cybils logos. Three sizes of 'em, in fact, in this year's nifty new color scheme. To download your chosen size (note: actual logos are larger than they appear!), simply right-click the size you want and select Save As. Feel free to use these to publicize the Cybils as much as you want. No, really. And stay tuned for an announcement of your favorite Cybils swag from our CafePress store!

500 x 283 pixels:


288 x 163 pixels:


180 x 102 pixels (great for sidebars!):