Introducing Jackie Parker, Young Adult Fiction Category

Jackie2010 Jackie Parker got the reading gene from her mother, a librarian, who had gotten it from her father, who was, by most accounts, a bit of a renaissance man. Jackie didn't become voracious until fourth grade when Stacy Youngs and she had an unspoken and puzzling rivalry regarding who could read the new Babysitter's Club book the fastest each month. Since Mrs. Youngs wouldn't let Stacy touch a book until it had been protected by an adhesive plastic cover, and Jackie's mother better understood the temporary nature of paperback series purchased at Target, Jackie almost always won. After years of living in the spare bathroom closet, all 117 copies of Jackie's BSC books were donated to an elementary school circa 2003; however, now a teen librarian herself, she's been very happy to see the graphic novel and prequel rebirth of her 9-year-old self's favorite series.

–Jackie Parker, Sno-Isle Teens and Interactive Reader