Introducing Sarah Stevenson, Blog Editor

SarahSepia2010 This is the second time in a week that Sarah Stevenson has had to write about herself, a fact which makes her feel terrifically self-centered. The first time was a letter introducing her debut novel to teen readers for YALSA's galley program, a task which was both incredibly cool and very intimidating. Her YA novel The Latte Rebellion will be published in January, meaning she'll be eligible for the 2011 Cybils, which makes her a little sad because next year she'll have to step aside after three years as blog editor. You might be able to find her hiding out in an unrelated, conflict-of-interest-free Cybils category like Graphic Novels or Fantasy/Sci-Fi. For now, though, she'll be helping supply you with reviews, blogger profiles and other items of interest here on the Cybils blog. You never know what weird stuff she might say, so keep checking back.

–Sarah Stevenson, Finding Wonderland and Aquafortis