Results of the Cybils Challenge, Part 1: Charlotte’s Library

Well, golly. We got three entries for the Cybils challenge, and thought they were all awesome, so, um–we're featuring all three entries on the blog. Today we'll check out the first entry we received, from SFF Round 1 judge Charlotte Taylor of Charlotte's Library.

In her post, Charlotte gave a bunch of excellent suggestions for MG Sci-Fi nominees, but it's her favorite blog suggestions I'm going to post here:

So many blogs to choose from….I'm going to cheat a bit here–my first seven are a few of my fellow Cybilians. These blogs all amaze me because somehow they just know what books I might like to read and write very nicely about them– Book Aunt, Books Together, Ms. Yingling Reads, Finding Wonderland, Angieville, Book Nut, and Eva's Book Addiction (on the Cybils with me last year).

Another blogger whose taste in books is amazingly close to mine is Maureen, at By Singing Light; by way of contrast, I also find it amazing that Colleen, at Chasing Ray, so often writes about books I didn't know I wanted to read.

And for my last pick-um um um….Laini Taylor's blog, Grow Wings, amazes me with it's pretty colors (I enjoy the words she writes, too, of course, but when I think of her blog I see orange and blue etc etc and it makes me happy).

Thanks, Charlotte, for the great list of blogs and all the nominee suggestions! Everyone else can check out the rest of the post here.