Bugs and Bugsicles by Amy S. Hansen

How can you resist that title? Shirley Duke of the Simply Science blog found the book just as enjoyable as the title implied. Shirley, a teacher and children's writer, is one of our Round I judges for Nonfiction and Information Picture Books, and her blog explores a wide range of books that can be used in classroom science lessons. Her reviews even include suggestions for fun student activities.

BugsandBugsicles Bugs and Bugsicles is an NFPB nominee written by Amy S. Hansen and illustrated by Robert C. Kray. Shirley's review includes an intriguing excerpt of this book, which explores the topic of what insects do in the winter (yep, there's a bugsicle in there somewhere!). Here's a quick summary from Shirley's review:

Following the gentle introduction describing the preparations for the fall season, the book follows different insects as they prepare and settle in for the winter, and in some instances, die, after leaving their eggs safely secured.

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