Results of the Cybils Challenge, Part 3: 5 Minutes for Books

Last but most definitely not least, our third successful Cybils Challenger is Middle Grade Fiction Round 1 judge Jennifer Donovan of 5 Minutes for Books. On her personal blog, Snapshot, she not only gave a really nice plug for the Cybils (and the Cybils Challenge), she also wrote a very enjoyable post describing her reasons why she liked certain not-yet-nominated contenders, and why her best-loved kidlit blogs were such favorites. I especially liked her suggestion for Middle Grade Fiction:

Seaglass Summer by Anjali Banerjee — I've only read a few chapters of this book, but how often do you see a children's book with an Indian family featured by an Indian author? Not often. I love South Asian writers' adult novels (to make a positive stereotype), so when I saw this book in two different libraries, I had to pick it up the second time.

And, whaddya know–it's been nominated! Kudos to Jennifer, and thanks for such a lovely post. Click here to read the rest. And, lastly, thanks to all our Cybils Challenge participants for spreading the excitement and helping us get the word out!