My Life as a Book by Janet Tashjian

Jennifer Donovan is a Round 1 Judge for Middle Grade Fiction this year. Besides blogging at her own site, Snapshot, she's the managing editor at 5 Minutes for Books, an online community featuring reviews of books for all ages, giveaways, thoughts on reading and plenty more. Jennifer was also a participant in our Cybils Challenge last month, and she's our featured reviewer for today.

MyLifeAsABook Earlier this month, she looked at Middle Grade Fiction nominee My Life as a Book, written by Janet Tashjian with illustrations by her son Jake Tashjian. Described as a good read for reluctant readers, the story itself is about a reluctant reader named Derek and his journey (or battle) with a summer reading assignment. Jennifer says:

I like the fact that the point is made that he does like to read–comic books and the like. He just doesn’t want to read school books.

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