Meet Terry Doherty, Easy Reader & Short Chapter Books Organizer

Rock2 (2) In 1989, First Lady Barbara Bush helped me see that literacy is, in part, passing on a love of reading. Nothing excited me more than building a library in our nursery, and now, watching my almost-10-year-old grow as a reader. Like the excitement of Christmas morning, there'is something magical in the moment a child realizes they know how to read.

My day job is as Executive Director The Reading Tub, a nonprofit for family literacy. Through the Tub, families who don't have books at home can have them to share. Through the ensemble project Share a Story – Shape a Future we complement physical books with ideas and resources for helping readers of all types. These are exciting times for new readers … here's to those magical moments. 

My ideal dinner includes salad from Chiaparelli's in Baltimore's Little Italy, my mom's lasagna and homemade garlic bread, and something ooey-gooey-chocolaty for dessert! I blog at Family Bookself.