Warning: English major, cannot do math

For some reason, I didn't order enough bookmarks. I printed up 2,000 and about 40 people requested them. I don't know why 40 doesn't divide evenly into 2,000 but — horrors — I have run out of bookmarks! I still have more than half of you to go. Aak.

I need to take a stack to Kidlit Con but otherwise, the bookmarks are kaput, finis, done. I will order another 2,000 and send those out as soon as they arrive. Promise!

If you asked for bookmarks and don't get them in this first batch, fear not. I still have your email and will send you some when the next batch arrives.

-Anne Levy, admin.

UPDATE: I just discovered my mistake. I only ordered a thousand. No wonder the stacks of bookmarks seemed kind of measly when I went to sort them out for you all. Oh, double aak. Am ordering 2,000 right now.

Sorry πŸ™

UPDATE II: To stretch things out a bit, I made the stacks of bookmarks even smaller. If you get your mailer and there aren't enough for your library or classroom, shoot me another email [anne (at) inlandempress (dot) com]. I will send you some more when I finish getting at least a small stack to everyone who requested bookmarks.