Get Ready…Get Set…

You've all been very, very patient while we pore over dozens and dozens of worthy  applications from volunteer bloggers eager to take part in this year's Cybils. And our category chairs have made their decisions! Let me tell you, they're some exciting lists indeed.

We know there's always great anticipation and rejoicing (and a little disappointment, too) when the panelists get chosen, and we know you all get very impatient when we stretch out the panel announcements for days and days. Since we don't want the Kidlitosphere version of WikiLeaks to steal our thunder and let the information out early, we've got a new schedule for announcing the panelists.

We'll be announcing the lists of Round 1 and Round 2 judges on Monday morning, starting at 10:00 am PST. Every 15 minutes we'll announce another panel, until all ten are posted. Our Literacy Evangelist, Jen Robinson, will be live-tweeting the posts from @JensBookPage, and you can and should feel free to join in the live-tweeting fun. Come join us on Monday!

–Sarah Stevenson, blog editor