Meet Sarah Stevenson, Cybils Blog Editor

Sarah2012Sarah Stevenson–a freelance writer, artist, graphic designer, and YA author–has been a part of the Cybils since its inaugural year in 2006, and was blog editor for the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Cybils. She's also helped out behind the scenes with various items like the Cybils logo and flyers. Last year she stepped aside from her duties as Cybils blog editor due to having a book eligible in the YA category, but this year she has no such conflict of interest and is very happy to be back.

This month, with a new novel revision on the front burner, she's posting with much help from (and gratitude towards) Literacy Evangelist Jen Robinson.

As the contest really gets under way, check the blog for contest updates, profiles of our organizing team, and book reviews from our many wonderful, hardworking, and talented volunteer bloggers.

Find her on Twitter @aquafortis or on her YA blog, co-hosted by author Tanita Davis, at Finding Wonderland.