More Holiday Shopping Hints

Many, many of our bloggers provide lists of favorite books for your holiday shopping enjoyment, but in my opinion none is quite so much fun as MotherReader (and FPB category chair) Pam Coughlan's annual Ways to Give a Book list.

This year, she's put up an updated list of 150 Ways to Give a Book with book recommendations paired with related gift ideas – like Ladybug Girl with
wings and antenna – and all with links for easy purchase. There are
also ways to wrap a book, ideas for related outings, and gifts for
book-loving adults from Etsy. It is really, really cool and helps support the MotherReader website.

Of course, don't forget that every book we post to the Cybils site–whether it's in a review or simply on the list of nominations–also links to Amazon, where every purchase made post-click means a dribble of money into the Cybils fund. So please consider your blogging friends when it comes time to do your holiday shopping!