Every Day by David Levithan

Today's featured blogger comes to us from all the way Down Under–Christchurch, New Zealand, to be specific. Zac Harding is a children's librarian who blogs at My Best Friends Are Books, and he's a Round 2 judge this year for YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi. He also blogs at the Christchurch City Libraries blog and the Christchurch Kids Blog, posting about books he's read and wants to read. Fun fact: Along with a few other Cybils judges, he's on the planning team for International Book Giving Day on Feb. 14.

EveryDayA few months ago, Zac wrote a glowing review of Teen SFF finalist Every Day by David Levithan. What if you woke up every morning in a different body? That's the question posed by this book, and the narrator, A, has just gotten used to it…sort of…when love throws a wrench into the works. In his review, Zac says:

Every Day is one of the most extraordinary,
thought-provoking, and emotional stories I’ve ever read.  Even now, 3
days after reading the final sentence, I’m struggling to put into words
how much this book has affected me.  It’s completely different from
anything I’ve ever read…

Read the full review here.