The Ones that Got Away, Part II: Electric Boogaloo

We've got a few more lists of favorites that didn't quite make it onto the shortlists this year–all from Fantasy and Sci-fi, which is not a surprise when you consider the sheer number of submissions in that category. So if you're looking to add to your TBR pile, check out these worthies from our Round 1 judges:

  • Sheila Ruth, our SFF category chair, also was a panelist for Round 1 SFF for teens, and she's posted a wonderful account on Wands and Worlds of what it's really like to have to sift through all those books every year, looking for the gems–and having to reject some real diamonds. She also lists some of her favorite non-finalist titles. 
  • Tanita Davis, my co-blogger on Finding Wonderland, also did a roundup/post-mortem on what the process was like this year in teen SFF and which books she wishes could have been part of the shortlist. 
  • Sherry Early of Semicolon, who was part of the elementary/MG fantasy and sci-fi panel, posted a list of 12 favorites–some shortlisted, some not–as well as a fantastic list of quotable quotes from books she read over the course of the past year.