Meet the Organizers: Jone MacCulloch, Poetry

contributes each Friday to the Poetry Friday community.  She also interviews and features poets on a
monthly basis. During the school year, sheโ€™s a teacher librarian and the rest
of the time sheโ€™s either writing haiku and other poetry, or playing with her
camera.  Her passion for poetry is shared
with her students and staff and on her two blogs.  Sheโ€™d rather write poetry than memorize
blog Check It Out features
the work of her students, poetry books for children, and poet interviews. Her
school’s “Poetry Postcard Project” for National Poetry Month is in
its sixth year.
blog Deowriter is her
online notebook for haiku and other poetry forms. You can find out what happens
in the library and books she’s reading through twitter @JoneMac53.
wants to raise the awareness about the importance of poetry in a school world
focused on the Common Core State Standards.
The CYBILS Poetry Award can do just that by finding the cream of the
crop books for children and young adults.