Meet the Organizers: Terry Doherty, Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books


To hear my 11-year-old tell it, I'm weird. I wear it as a badge of
honor. Maybe its weird that I only read books for audiences under the
age of 13 … but given the breadth and sincerity of the Kidlitosphere, I
don't think so!

For ten years – thanks
to the generosity of authors and publishers – The Reading Tub (my
nonprofit) has been helping create libraries for kids and teens who
don't have access to print at home. On the Family Bookshelf we share
creative literacy ideas and book recommendations … all in an effort to encourage reading. 

Is there anything more magical than the moment a child realizes he is reading by himself? Is it weird to celebrate the moment she realizes that she *knows* the words on a page? I think not.
moments of discovery are priceless. They are what energize me as a literacy passionista.
So just as I continue embarrassing the pre-teen, I'll continue my
quests to …
  • help build libraries that turn readers into bookworms; 
  • connect readers and great books; and
  • encourage literacy in all its forms.

 Why am I coming back as the Easy Reader / Early Chapter Book Chair? Because, with the exceptions of my husband, my 11-year-old, and the dog,
there is nothing more precious to me than introducing kids to the kinds
of stories that can nudge them to becoming bookworms for life! What's so weird about that?