Nonfiction Elementary/Middle Grade– Category Description

Nonfiction is the perfect way to introduce elementary and middle grade kids
to the amazing world around them from history and biography to art and
nature. Science? Math? Animals? Sports? It's all here and more besides!
We're looking for titles that are suitable for reading aloud or
independently, including picture books, easy readers, and early chapters,
text and illustrations or photographs that will wow kids and adults alike
and topics so fascinating that kids will want to go digging for more, more,
more nonfiction!

Nonfiction Elementary/Middle Grade includes titles with factual content and
informational titles, or books intended to teach. Roughly 50% or more of
the book should be narrative nonfiction (as opposed to experiments or
activities) and books should be directed generally at ages 3-12. We are
currently accepting nominations only in print (no ebooks) for this category.