Poetry: The Small but Mighty Genre

is tiny but mighty in nominations. From words that rhyme, words that
flow and shape emotions on all different topics to poetic forms, the
Poetry Genre is home to a veritable stew of entries. These books will
appeal to the very young, middle grade and/or young adults.

belongs in Poetry? Consider nominating anthologies and poetry
collections written by various authors or a single author. They include
illustrations or not. If the poems that resonate to
readers of all ages and it’s a collection of poems, Poetry is the
written novels in verse belong in MG Fiction or YA Fiction, while a
single poem with luscious illustrations belongs in Picture Books.  
Poetry will accept ebooks.
come in endless styles and forms, shapes and sizes. Be sure to nominate
your favorite pole try collection. The panelists are eager to read the
best of the best in children's/YA poetry.