Review of Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

Finding Wonderland has been around since 2005, forever in the Kidlitosphere. Aquafortis contribute to this blog and has this to say about this nomination to the Graphic Novel division:

"If yo17261174u like swashbuckling adventure, strong female protagonists, and plenty of outlandish mayhem, then Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant
delivers in spades. I'm going to note right up front: don't expect a
high level of realism except in the gorgeous setting details and some of
the historical backdrop—in a sense, this is more like a fantasy in that
a) you've got a globetrotting, independent female pirate/adventurer,
and b) she has a flying sailboat. So, right off, you know this is about
fun and whimsy and entertainment. Well, maybe not right off—we
start from the point of view of the eponymous Turkish lieutenant, who
lives a rather humdrum life and kind of likes it that way. He likes tea
and conversation, not brawls and excitement, but he's going to get ALL
of it when he runs across Delilah Dirk."

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