Review of Giant Dance Party

Aaron Zenz, a dad and illustrator, harnesses the power of actual members of the Fiction Picture Book demographic on his blog, Bookie Wookie Reviews.

Here's what he and his family have to say about Betsy Bird's Giant Dance Party:

14758671Isaac (age 14):  “Giant Dance Party.”
Lily (age 10):  (singing) Hey,
hey, hey, it’s a good book!
Gracie (age 12):  When a book is good, you are just drawn to it for the
sake of its awesomeness.
Lily:  It’s by Betsy Bird, and Brandon Dorman is illustrating
Elijah (age 7):  I’ve never heard of a book illustrated by a Doormat.
Gracie:  DorMAN.
Lily:  The book is about this girl, and she loved to dance all
the day.
Gracie:  Lexy.
Lily:  But every time she had a recital, she froze up on stage
like an ice pop. 
Isaac:  She forgot to breathe… THAT’S not a good thing.
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