Calling all publishers, authors, and app developers

Tomorrow, October 16, is the start of the period where publishers, publicists, authors, and app developers may submit your own books for consideration for the Cybils Awards. From October 16-25, you may submit any titles not already nominated by the general public, up to 10% of your 2014 children’s/YA list. The titles nominated by the public do not count towards the 10%, and the number is rounded. If you have fewer than 15 books in 2014, you may submit one book. Those with 15-24 children’s/YA books published in 2014 may submit 2 books, and so on.

The following are some general criteria, but please see the Publisher/Author section of our website for more information.

  • Titles must be published between October 16, 2013 and October 15, 2014.
  • Books must be published in English, or bilingual with English, in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Must be published for children’s/YA market. (We use online booksellers and/or Worldcat to verify eligibility.)
  • Nonfiction books must have a significant narrative component. How-to books are not eligible unless they also have a significant narrative component.
  • We reserve the right to determine the eligibility of any title based on our own criteria, published or internal.

Please note that we have a strong interest in titles by authors from under-represented groups, or with diverse, authentic, multi-dimensional characters and topics from under-represented groups, including, but not limited to: ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexuality, gender, ability, or socio-economic status.

Before submitting, please check the nomination lists to see what books have already been nominated. If you have titles nominated by the public, I’ll be in touch over the next week to let you know what titles have been nominated, but you don’t need to wait to hear from me to submit additional titles.

Please submit your titles using the spreadsheet at the link below. Send the completed spreadsheet to Spreadsheets will not be accepted before 12:01 AM Pacific Time on October 16.

Download the spreadsheet here: Cybils 2014 Publisher_Author Submissions Spreadsheet

Review copies do not need to be submitted at this time; I will contact you around the end of the month to arrange for review copies.

Please note that the completed spreadsheet will be loaded by a computer program, so do not include any extra information or notes in the cells other than what is requested. The computer program depends on the content being in a specific format and if the content is not what is expected, the program can’t load it. The category name must match our categories exactly. Excel should give you a drop-down list to choose from, but on some older versions of Excel and other spreadsheet programs, the drop-down may not appear; if it doesn’t, please copy and paste one of the categories below:

Book Apps
Early Chapter Books
Easy Readers
Elementary/Middle-Grade Graphic Novels
Elementary/Middle-Grade Nonfiction
Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction
Fiction Picture Books
Middle Grade Fiction
Young Adult Fiction
Young Adult Graphic Novels
Young Adult Nonfiction
Young Adult Speculative Fiction

— Sheila Ruth, Publisher Liaison.