So You Need a Book to Nominate?

Your favorite book got nominated already, the nominations close TOMORROW, and you don’t know what to do? We’re here to help! A number of bloggers have complied lists of books that haven’t been nominated (yet), but deserve to be. Feel free to pick and choose from their lists! Nominations close tomorrow, October 15, so you do need to hurry.

Theres a host of Elementary/Middle Grade speculative fiction suggestions at Random Musings of a Bibilophile,  By Singing Light, and Charlotte’s Library. Charlotte (the chair of this category, so she KNOWS things) also has a list of books published recently that are eligible for nomination.

Sherry at Semicolon was thorough and has lists in several categories.

A few YA Speculative Fiction lists: one at Stacked, where Kimberly has a list of books that she’d like to see nominated; one at Wands and Worlds, where category chair Sheila highlights some books that have yet to show up (she also has some YA fiction books and some Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction ones as well); and a few more suggestions at Si, Se Puede.

Karen, our Middle Grade Fiction chair (so she also KNOWS things), as a list of Middle Grade Fiction she’d love to see.

Leila has championed some YA Realistic fiction she’d love to see on the nomination list over at Kirkus.

Our Elementary/Middle Grade Non-fiction chair (yep, you guessed it…), Jennifer at Jean Little Library, also has a comprehensive list.

FES Library Lens has a list of Book Apps Galore, if you’re like me and don’t do the app thing. (You can still nominate one!)

Not a nomination list, but a good list of teen poetry at Poetry for Children. Some of these may not have been nominated. There is, however, a list of poetry titles that haven’t been nominated over at Check It Out.

Beginning Readers/Easy Chapter books category chair Katie has multiple lists in different categories over at Story Time Secrets.

Have you seen any other lists around? Let us know in the comments.