Meet the 2016 Organizers: Terry Doherty, Fiction Picture Books

Some things never change. Four years ago, my daughter would say everything I did was “weird.” She still does. Almost 15 years ago, said daughter rekindled my love of children’s literature. That fire is an eternal flame. 
Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read an adorable board book and wish I still had a toddler, or come to the end of an amazing YA novel and think she would love this. Oh the joy! We share board books and picture books with our children in our laps, and watch them soar to become readers of their own. 
The journey to becoming a reader (and hopefully a bookworm) begins with illustrated stories. This year – in large part because of your requests – we have added board books to the Fiction Picture Book category. The category is traditionally filled with amazing books, and now it’s going to add a new dimension. 
Its August, the call for Cybils judges has been announced. Our annual celebration of books has begun. I am so glad some things never change!