Better Know a Panel #1: Nonfiction Picture Books

Remember those amazing panelist roundtables we posted to the blog a couple of years ago? Today, we’re kicking off a new set of Q&As with our panelists, complete with a fresh new title. Okay, well, it’s not new so much as “borrowed” from Stephen Colbert’s “Better Know a District” feature, but hey–immature artists copy, mature ones steal, right? Or something.

Anyway, our NFPB category organizer Jone MacCulloch (Check It Out) asked her Round I judges the following question:

What nonfiction book would YOU like to write if you had the chance?

Karen Terlecky, Literate Lives: a picture book about Jackson, Wyoming

Amanda Goldfuss, ACPL Mock Sibert: a book about animals in space travel

Abby Johnson, Abby (the) Librarian: a biography of Ted Fujita, the scientist who developed the Fujita scale for measuring the intensity of tornadoes

Carol Wilcox, Carol’s Corner: a book about guide dog puppies and a photo essay about foster kids

Shirley Duke, Simply Science: a book on mollusks and adaptations

Doret Canton, Happy Nappy Bookseller: a book on art as it relates to self-expression

Jone: a biography of Benjamin Rush

Today, the Cybils; tomorrow, the publishing world? Perhaps. Thanks to our Round I NFPB judges for letting us get to know them a little better!

–Sarah Stevenson, blog editor