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UPDATED: Call for Judges closed.

When the calendar page turns to August, things start to get busy around here! It is time for us to get things ready for the 2023 CYBILS Awards. From the Call for Judges to the Winners’ Announcement, our goal is to keep a well-oiled machine running.

We’ve learned a few things over the past 18 years, and each year we try to work a little smarter so you don’t have to work harder. That’s why we’re creating this calendar post. It is going to be your one-stop spot to find all things CYBILS-related during the 2023 cycle: key dates, information about each process stage, and – most importantly – links you’ll need along the way. Let’s do this.


Anyone who is or has been part of the CYBILS Awards begins looking at their calendar. Everyone has to take into consideration the traditionally busy fall/holiday schedule to see if they can participate, and if so, which round works best for them. As soon as the call opens, Category chairs get to work reading applications and the reviews (HINT HINT) that are provided.

01. Publishers: Email Sheila Ruth to make sure we have the most accurate, current contact information. Recommended reading:

21. Call for Judges opens.  Required reading:


Category chairs continue to process applications and construct their panels. Before the public announcement, they will contact each judge and make sure they are ready for the work ahead.

08. Call for Judges closes.

  • Application [This will be a live link until 11:59 PM (PT) 9/08/2023]

21. Judging panels announced. 


As soon as Chairs mark books eligible for consideration, judges begin seeking out and reading the nominated and submitted titles. Libraries get lots of requests from patrons to hold books.

01. Public Nomination period opens. Required reading:

15. Public Nomination period closes.

  • Nomination Form [This link will be live until 11:59 pm (PT) 10/15/2023]

16. Publisher/Author Submission period begins. Required reading:

20. Publisher/Author Submission period ends.

  • Submission spreadsheets accepted until 11:59 PM (PT) on 10/25/2023.


Judges are busy reading everything their library can provide, hoping that the books not available locally will arrive from publishers soon. Sheila is working tirelessly to contact publishers and get books to judges who need them.

On social media, the @CYBILSAwards accounts will begin sharing review excerpts for nominated books.


Voracious reading continues early in the month, quickly transitioning to discussions and deliberations to select finalist lists. Judges will write a blurb for the finalists in their category.

27. Finalists Lists due.

30. Blurbs for finalists due to the blog editor.


As soon as the finalists are announced, the Round 2 judges get to work reading. Theirs is a short window, so reading begins immediately.

01. Finalists announced. The blog post goes live at 9:00 AM PT. Social media will follow approximately 15 minutes later.

03. Sheila contacts publishers for needed review copies


Reading is largely done, though it continues. Most of the panels’ time this month is spent on discussions and decisions. The panel will collaborate on a blurb for the winner.

11. Winner selections due.

12. Blurbs for winners due.

14. 2023 CYBILS Awards winners announced. Blog post goes live 9:00 am PT. Social media will follow approximately 15 minutes later.

MARCH 2024

The off-season begins. Things are mostly quiet, with just a housekeeping chores: feedback surveys, book review uploads, etc. Activity will pick up on the blog mid-month through the summer.