The 2014 Finalists: What’s Being Said

Every year, we love seeing the reactions of the authors, publishers, spouses, and fans  after the Cybils finalists announcement goes up. Here are a few of the reactions that caught our attention this weekend:

Tara Dairman (@TaraDairman): What delicious news to wake up to today: ALL FOUR STARS is a finalist for middle-grade fiction!  Huge thanks to @debamarshall for the lovely write-up, all the judges for their time, & @jennygoebel for nominating AFS. So honored! #cybils

Irene Latham (@Irene_Latham): Eeep! Just saw that DEAR WANDERING WILDEBEEST is included with some beautiful poetry books as #cybils finalist!  Thank you, @SylviaVardell @missrumphius @kellyfineman @MargaretGSimon @nancyboflood @JoneMac53 & @bridgetrwilson ! #cybils #poetry

Diana Winget @DiannaMWinget: Congratulations to all the Cybils finalists! Especially Ice Dogs, by Terry Lynn Johnson 🙂 #cybils #mglit

Melissa Wiley (@melissawiley): OH MY GOODNESS! I was so excited about the YA Fic shortlist I helped pick that I didn’t think to look at Easy Readers. INCH & ROLY is there! :::checks:: ::doublechecks:: I’M ON A SHORTLIST WITH MO WILLEMS, Y’ALL! ::wakes exhausted post-NYE teens w/ shrieking::

Melissa also wrote a blog post about her experience.

Merrie Haskell (@merriehaskell): Coooool! The Castle Behind Thorns is a finalist! Thanks for the nom! 2015 is off to a great start.

Kara Seal (@KRwriter): Congratulations to finalists and ! Well deserved!

Matt Faulkner (@MattFaulkner1): Feeling humbled. Gaijin is amongst these great finalists in the graphic novel division of the 2014 !

Dona Gephart (@DGephartWrites): Thank you, . Am having hard time writing this morning. Happy tears keep getting in the way. Need some TP to wipe eyes. You can’t imagine what a happy surprise that was this morning, . Overflowing with gratitude! Thx for the lovely nomination.

Loree Griffin Burns@LoreeGBurns): Woah. Thanks for the tweet, ! Thank you for the nod, ! Congratulations, !

Terry Lynn Johnson (@TerryLynnJ): omg – ICE DOGS is a @cybils Finalist!! So far this year ROCKS!

Barry Goldblatt (@barrygoldblatt): Hurray for @kehealey’s WHILE WE RUN and @KateMilford’s GREENGLASS HOUSE!

Julie Sternberg (@SternbergJulie):  @cybils Is there a better way to start the new year? So happy.

Charis Cotter (@CharisCotter): Yippee! The Swallow is a finalist in the Cybils 2014 middle grade speculative fiction category: @moonb2 @TundraBooks

Sandra Markle (@SANDRA_MARKLE): Awesome to be a #CYBILS finalist. Thank you And in great company @msewartscience @LoreeGBurns

Leah Cypess (@LeahCypess): So… DEATH SWORN is a Cybils finalist in the YA spec fic category, along with 6 other awesome books!!!!!!

The Jupiter Pirates (@JupiterPirates): Arrr, glad tidings on New Year’s, this is. MT @andrewasalways: Hunt for the Hydra is a Cybils finalist! Congrats!

Susan Kuklin (@susankuklin): @cybils thank you for putting BEYOND MAGENTA on your short list. Thrilling! Happy New Year

Alexandra Duncan (@DuncanAlexandra): @ixtumea @LeahCypess @mattdelapena @cybils Oh my goodness! What an awesome surprise! (And such good company!)

Sarah Dillard (@swdillard): This is nice news to start the new year with!

Brandy Colbert (@brandycolbert): Whoa, so surprised and happy to see POINTE is a @cybils finalist!

Marietta B Zacker (@AgentZacker): Another great honor for @MeganJeanSovern‘s THE MEANING OF MAGGIE@ChronicleBooks @taylor_norm @cybils #cybils

Paul Durham (@pauldurhambooks): Thrilled that THE LUCK UGLIES is a 2014 @cybils finalist. Thanks and hooray for the bloggers who like their books “yummy AND nutritious”

Will Poor (@wpoor): So jazzed: “Fiona & the Fog” is a Cybils finalist! Thanks @perogies_gyoza for the nom and @LittleeLit for the review

Laurie Thompson (@LaurieThompson): Be a Changemaker is a Cybils award finalist!

Laurie also wrote a blog post about it.

Maxwell Eaton III (@maxwelleatoniii): Starting 2015 off nicely. OKAY ANDY is a finalist for the @cybils in the Early Readers category.

We Need Diverse Books (@diversebooks): Congrats to the finalists for 2014 Gail Giles & !

Carrie Charley Brown (@carriebrowntx):  Don’t forget for Knock Knock My Dad’s Dream for Me. Amazing diverse book!

Marie Rutkoski (@marierutkoski): Happy new year, all, and thank you for so much TWCurse love.

Chris Haughton (@chrishaughton): WOO! My app ‘Hat Monkey’ + book ‘Shh! we have a plan’ were both nominated for the awards! a good year so far!

Mark Pett (@MarkPett): 2015 is off to a splendid start. THE GIRL AND THE BICYCLE was nominated for the alongside some AMAZING books!

Melissa Stewart (@mstewartsicence): Hooray! The #Cybils finalists have been announced. Congrats to my NF tweeps:@LoreeGBurns @RebLJohnson @SarahBrannen @SANDRA_MARKLE

Sarah Brannen (@SarahBrannen): Feathers: Not Just For Flying is a Cybils finalist! Exciting! @mstewartscience @charlesbridge

Cece Bell (@CeceBellBooks): Eek! THIS! Very excited and very humbled. Thank you, FM!

Carol Hinz (@CarolCHinz): I’m so giddy from the #cybils announcement, I can’t even focus on what I’m supposed to be doing right now!

Lerner Books (@LernerBooks): We have three @cybils elementary/mg nonfiction finalists! Nice work, @LoreeGBurns,@SANDRA_MARKLE, & @RebLJohnson! And we have two @cybils poetry finalists! Congrats, Bob Raczka, @Groeneinkt,@Irene_Latham, and @annawadham!
Anna Cavallo (@eatreadwriterun): Exciting start to 2015: SANTA CLAUSES and VANISHING LITTLE BROWN BATS & other Lerner titles are @cybils finalists!

Kristen Remear (@RemenarReads): Thrilled for my honey @MattFaulkner1: his first graphic novel GAIJIN made the @cybils shortlist!

Tom Lichtenheld (@tlichtenheld): “This is A Moose” was nominated for a Cybils award! (because of the multiple personalities?).

Let us know if we missed anything, and we’ll do another round-up later on this month.